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Falcon Technologies, Inc. provides UL Listed Mission Critical Facility Power Cables that have been manufactured and tested in a controlled environment by DCN Cables. Every manufactured cable has passed stringent testing standards and is ready for use in your mission critical data center. We provide the best components in the industry, complimentary blue print/panel schedule takeoffs and individual labels on each cable.

With a 24-hour turn around, an unprecedented number of receptacles, 11 liquid tight color choices and variable lengths, your cables can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Falcon Technologies, Inc. is your one source supplier for drop-down and under-floor solutions, offering feeder, MC, SO cord-drop and daisy chain cables.


Product Line Gallery
All DCN cables are UL-Listed specifically for mission critical data center environments.
  Our cables are manufactured with all UL Listed components as a complete UL Listed Wire Assembly.
- Field Wire
- MC Cables
- Feeder Cables
- Daisy Chain Cables
- High Amperage DC Power Cables
- SO Cord Cable Configurations with Female Connectors
- SO Cord Cable Configurations with Male Connectors
Automatically discover and monitor your circuits through our wireless power and temperature monitoring technologies manufactured directly into the power cable assembly.
   Power cables automatically start recording power usage and sharing the information over a self-configuring wireless network.
- Increases static pressure under the raised floor
- Improves Facilitates Hot and Cold Aisle Best Practices
- Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life
We stock the full line of GE and Square D breakers to meet your needs


Order Process How to customize each cable?
DCN Cables' automated, user-friendly and time-efficient Cable Builders take cable ordering to the next level. Keep your panel boards phased properly by utilizing our one-click phasing process. After adding circuit numbers to your order, simply click either "Standard" or "Vertical" for your panel boards and the DCN Cable Builder will correctly identify the proper phasing.
Every cable includes a custom cable identification label, referencing circuit number, equipment, PDU panel, receptacle, length, and UL Certification. DCN Cables provides specific cable information unique to each cable on both ends of the cable, with protective heat shrink. We also offer optional face plate labeling.
All cables are coiled into sturdy, fiber drums and packaged by customer preference, i.e., PDU, Location, etc., and labeled with the exact contents, making unloading and jobsite transporting a breeze.
Power cable shipments can be shipped within 24 hours, with standard next day service to many large metro markets on the East Coast, including Washington, D.C., Atlanta and the Carolinas. Shipments to other areas across the US can be made in 2-3 days.
DCN Cables has the expertise and inventory to provide the correct receptacle for your cable project. We offer a variety of receptacles:
- NEMA-Locking or Straight Blade
- IEC309 Devices
- Russell Stoll, including DuraGuard and IBM
- Hubbell Non-NEMA 50 Amp California Style
We offer 11 standard colors for flagship UL Listed Metallic Liquid Tight, MC Cable or Greenfield.
Cables can be built to any 1' increment that you require.
We offer standard die cast weather-proof boxes, however we can customize your boxes to suit your specifications.
If you need to attach DCN Cables to an under floor pedestal or strut, we offer several mounting option including, bolts, mounting ears and Minerallac straps.
Keeping your panels phased properly is vital. By providing circuit numbers associated with each cable, DCN Cables will build your order specific to the wire colors you require.
Whether your cable project calls for 1 or 5,000 cables, DCN Cables will provide you an efficient, successful whip project.


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