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Company Portal - step-by-step instructions

My Company Portal is a convenient way for you to shop for IT infrastructure materials using custom categorized product listing web page. This company portal page can help you to either create an order or just a quote. With your company portal page you can submit your order with negotiated pricing.

To use Company Portal, follow the easy step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 - Log into your account on

Step 2 - Click "My Company Portal" link on your account home

Step 3 - Click "Enter" to your customized company portal page

Step 4 - After entering your portal page, you are able to use the filter to narrow down the product you need or just browsing or use search within function to find what you need.

Step 5 - Input the quantity and add the products you need to the shopping cart

Step 6 - Click the "Shopping Cart" icon to see all of the products in your cart

Step 7 - Click "Proceed To Checkout" button regardless placing an order or creating a quote

Step 8 - Use the drop down menu to choose your billing information and shipping information. Please choose a shipping method to your order

Step 9 - If you are placing an order, choose "Credit Card" or "PO number" as your payment method
If you are creating a quote, choose "Get A Quote" as your payment method

Step 10 - free free to use those addition fields with your order

Step 11 - Click "Place Order" then your order/quote will be sent to our Sales Reps. You will also get an order confirmation