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Falcon Technologies Company History

Falcon Technologies was started in 1990 by Larry Donnelly and John Baragiola. Larry had a background in Technology while John's experience lay in Sales. Being friends for a number of years, John and Larry would get together from time to time to discuss where they wanted to go with their careers. Both John and Larry were successful but felt they wanted to try new ideas that were not possible with their current employers. They felt that by combining their talents and ideas they could create a company culture that would be different, more exciting than the companies they were working for.

Falcon TechnologiesThe decision was made to start two businesses: Data-Communication Distribution and Cable Assembly. By doing both it was felt that the company could service the complete Data-Communications market in one stop thus offering a higher level of performance and convenience to customers.

Falcon Technologies started out modestly in 1200 square feet of space that was centrally located for the target market. As the Data-Communication industry experienced growth, Falcon Technologies quickly outgrew the original facility and moved to a 4900 sq. ft. location in 1993. The Data-Comm industry continued to rapidly expand, and Falcon again outgrew its space and moved to a 9000 sq. ft. location in 1997. After still more growth, Falcon bought a 27,000 sq. ft. building in 2007.

Being in the rapidly changing Data-Comm industry, investments are continually being made in state-of-the-art tooling and equipment for manufacturing, as well as in constant upgrades to the company network infrastructure hardware, business software and computer systems.

Over the years Falcon Technologies has evolved from being a supplier of products to being a supplier of support, information and fulfillment at a competitive price in timelines designed to meet market demands. Many changes will continue in the future due to the very dynamic nature of the Data-Comm industry and Falcon Technologies' desire to constantly keep improving.

From the beginning John and Larry wanted to create not only a successful company but a unique place where all employees felt that they could share their ideas, have input and be rewarded in helping to make the company more successful. John and Larry also wanted to create a company where employees felt they could have not just a job but a long term career with good benefits. Currently about 80% of Falcon employees have been with the company for 10 years or longer.

Falcon Technologies warehousefalcon technologies warehousefalcon technologies warehouse

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