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Video Cable Length Considerations

One area of our industry that is changing fast is the Audio / Video Market. This encompasses applications for Conference facilities, Class Rooms, Digital Signage and the Home Theater Market. In the early years in our industry things were relatively simple. We had composite video cables, which was usually one RCA or BNC connector on a coax cable or there was VGA which maxed out at the time at 16 colors and 640 X 480 Resolution. As video technology improved, larger monitors with higher resolution and high performance video cards for PC's have become increasingly more affordable. High performance and high definition video has become standard with most new systems.  Digital video interfaces, such as DVI and HDMI are now common on most computers, monitors and newer televisions. Video cabling has become a bit more complex and sometimes can be a bit confusing because of all the choices that are now available. I will be adding several other blogs to this blog about video but to get things started here are some basic guidelines that may help you determine what will be your best choice may be. Determine first off how long of cable you need. Next determine the resolution you will be using for your applications. As monitors and TV's have increased in size, resolution has increased dramatically. Why does this matter? For example, an analog VGA system sending a video signal  at 1600 X 1200 resolution compared to 640 X480 the signal will use much more band width. Typically the distance that the signal can go will be less than half before degradation of the signal occurs. To get the best resolution and distance of a video signal, special cable designed for high bandwidth, long distances applications have been developed by several manufactuers. There are a lot of claims out there of special cables able to go several hundred feet without a booster. This may well be, but be sure to look at resolution before ordering a cable. You may wish to discuss this with a salesman to help determine the solution that is right for you. Please check out our Video cable selection at our web store.