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Fiber OneShot Optical Test Set makes fiber testing simple again

Fluke Network's Fiber OneShot Optical Test Set makes fiber testing easier than ever with its one button test capability. With the OneShot, you can find out whether a fiber is still active, find breaks, and measure distance with ease. The ultra-durable OneShot features an energy-absorbant holster, an impact-resistant case,and a heavy-duty tethered cap, making sure you get the job done, even in the roughest conditions.  Features: Product Capabilities Essential fiber testing made easy with 1-button…accurate, fast and lightweight Triple-Check for essential troubleshooting:  Light or No light -- is my fiber active? CheckActive alert Distance to event (fault): Dirty end face/bulkhead and break or reflective event Distance to event (end): End of fiber  Testing benefits that increase your productivity:  Measure the length (break, end, dirty end face/bulkhead, or reflective event) of your fiber quickly and accurately from 0 - 9,999 feet (note* 0 - 6,000 meters displayed in meter mode) New CheckActive™ feature alerts the user if an optical signal is on the fiber Instant-On, no boot/load time Test Fast, expedite your fiber testing with one button in a few seconds No dead zone, locate fiber faults at 1-meter  Productivity displayed:   Essential fiber test results displayed numerically (no interpretation needed) X-Large liquid crystal display with programmable backlight for use in any environment Auto shut down to extend battery life Battery life gauge Extended battery life, up to 5,000 shots with field-replaceable AA batteries Quick change battery compartment (no screwdriver needed) Removable/cleanable SC adapter Self calibrating (factory calibration not required) Adjustable ft/metric mode Adjustable APC/UPC mode Adjustable I.O.R. (index of refraction) mode Adjustable dB limit mode Designed to simplify single mode fiber testing Survives drops, vibrations and impacts  Stop by the Falcon Technolgies Webstore to check out the Fiber OneShot Optical Test Set.