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Mohawk Premise Cable: 40% Conduit Fill

The National Electrical Code (NEC) limits the number of cables that can be placed in a conduit based on the type of cable. In the case of multi-conductor cables having 2 or more conductors, the conduit fill is limited to 40%. The NEC code is intended to limit the number of power carrying conductors in the conduct but the 40% Fill has become an installation practice in the LAN industry. Anyone using the information provided in the TA is advised to consult the local building codes to insure compliance with conduit fill regulations that may supercede the NEC. Trade size of conduit, , , 1 , etc, is commonly used as the dimension for calculating the area of the conduit. This will result is a slightly conservative number of cables because the actual inside diameter of the conduit is typically slightly larger than the Trade Size. To read more CLICK HERE.