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Performance Of MOHAWK Painted Cable

Mohawk has had their jacket compound supplier’s lab analyze the effects that paint has on the cable compounds to see what potential issues we could expect with the painted cables. Due to the chemicals involved in the PVC jacket compound and the chemicals used in the paint, the supplier would not be able to confirm without extensive long term testing the possible effects this may have on the cables and would not recommend Mohawk providing any guarantees due to potential adverse effects of the painted cable over time. Paint can have a detrimental effect on cables if there are chemicals in the paint that attack the jacket material. The jacket is the primary flame barrier preventing a fire from spreading into areas not initially involved in the fire. Paint on the cable will also make it difficult for inspectors to see the print to identify the cable safety listing. The paint can act as a source of combustible materials that is not accounted for in assigning flame ratings to the cable. If the cable has already been painted, Mohawk can no longer warranty the cable’s ability to perform to the mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements. The owner will have to assume the liability if the cable fails in the future. Removing the paint can have even more of a detrimental impact on the cable and is not recommended and will also void the warranty. For these reason, Mohawk will not be responsible for holding the warranty on the cables in question.