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Fiber Optic Cables Central Strength Members

Central strength members are utilized for several reasons in fiber optic cable constructions. They are used for pulling strength, anti-buckling and filling the center of the cable to make the construction round and smooth. Epoxy glass rods, as well as aramid fibers, have been used for this function and have distinctively different advantages. Epoxy glass rods stiffen the construction and prevent buckling of the cable during installation and operation. Aramid fibers fill the center of the cable and facilitate flexibility with a minimum of resistance to bending. Both central strength members add pulling strength as well as fill the center of the cable adequately. The difference is simple. One is flexible and the other provides better resistance to buckling. Most indoor cable installations require more flexibility than anti-buckling, whereas outdoor cables are just the opposite. Discretion is advised when you choose the appropriate central strength member but both are available upon request. If questions arise concerning a particular application, call the Technical Support Group of Mohawk at (800) 422-9961.