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Employees Must Wash Hands…

… and not just for health reasons! Fiber optic cable connections rarely break or get damaged. However, during installation the oil from our fingerprints, as well as other dust and dirt in the environment, can be transferred and potentially obstruct a fiber connection. After handling the connection be sure to clean the fiber core before continuing with the installation. Always clean both connectors when mating or unmating. There are two methods for cleaning; wet and dry. Wet Cleaning – use lens paper with a couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol added to the paper, or a prepackaged cleaning pad. Hold the connector and gently press the end against the paper/cleaning pad and move it in a figure 8 pattern several times. If using lens paper, repeat the figure 8 motion on a dry section of the paper. Dry Cleaning – use a lint-free wipe without solvent and perform the same figure 8 motion several times. Dry cleaning can be abrasive so use caution. The use of a fiberscope before and after cleaning is recommended. Last but not least, never reuse a wipe. Analogies not necessary, you get the idea!