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Kendall Howard V-Rack Need More Space?

Introducing the Kendall Howard V-Rack, another revolutionary new product for IT managers who need to maximize the usage of their space. The Kendall Howard V-Rack allows you to vertically or horizontally mount servers or other rack-mountable devices regardless of depth. Designed to mount on a wall or under a desk, the Kendall Howard V-Rack provides incredible versatility when placing your equipment. And you can easily utilize slide rails by using two Kendall Howard V-Racks, effectively creating a 4-point mounting solution. The V-Rack features: 9 Universal Mounting Holes Cage Nut style rails 19 W x 5 H 3.5 off the wall with no depth restrictions 150 lb. weight capacity Made in the USA Falcon Tech also carries the 10-32 Rack Screws with Cage Nuts for mounting the V-Rack. There are 9 mounting holes (3 each on the left, right and center).