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New Industry Association - Multimedia Grade Working Group

The rapidly growing popularity of mobile devices and the subsequent demand being placed on Wi-Fi networks has given rise to a new industry association, the Multimedia Grade Working Group.   "The Multimedia-Grade Working Group is made up of a cross-industry consortium of technology companies, enterprises and educational organizations interested in staying ahead of new developments in the network industry and, specifically, the mobile edge," said Brad Noblet, president of BN Consulting, who previously served as Dartmouth CIO and chairs the group. Nowadays, users expect the ability to connect no matter where they are and access all manner of broadband services from streaming media to video chats to file sharing to data uploads to placing phone calls.  The aim of this new group is to help businesses find solutions to deliver voice, video and data traffic through multi-media grade Wi-Fi networks.  The group has just published a guide on establishing or upgrading an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to become Multimedia-Grade.  We’re sure to hear a lot more from this group in the coming weeks and months.