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VGA over CAT5

Tired of blurry images? Then you should try extending, or boosting, your VGA signal over CAT5 cable! A VGA Extender is an electronic device that increases the signal strength from a VGA port allowing long distance transmission, most often from a computer, while maintaining crisp and clear resolution. The best part is the devices are connected using CAT5/RJ45 cabling rather than bulky VGA video cables. Some applications prime for this technology are networks with multiple monitors being run from one VGA port or networks with excessively long cabling distances to the video displays. Digital signage usage at hospitals, hotels, conference rooms, airports, restaurants and other business configurations will benefit greatly from VGA extenders. Check out two of our VGA extender products at Falcon Tech the VGA-C5EXT and the VC5-1P, and increase your distance up to 100 meters and 80 meters respectively.