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HP Unveils Low-Energy Ethernet Switch Modules

In the news this week:  HP unveils 10 new switch module releases for the HP E8200 zl and E5400 zl platforms, promising substantial power savings and improved performance.  Updated software, also being released, will help further control and reduce network switch power consumption. These switches have been developed based on the newly ratified IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard that was approved September 2010.  This new standard is aimed at reducing Ethernet port power consumption by 50% or more without reducing compatibility with existing equipment. "What Energy Efficient Ethernet does is, based on the utilization of the network, it can actually turn down the power in different components in the network," Sreeram Krishnamachari, global product manager at HP Networking told "For example, if you have a switch where a particular port isn't passing any traffic, it can tell other components in the switch to go into a low power or sleep state."  When the ports are needed again they power up quickly to resume operations. At Falcon Tech, we can help you with all your Ethernet and switch supply needs.  Contact us today!