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Spectrum Crunch - FCC Progress

The electromagnetic spectrum, like any resource, is limited.  And it’s no secret that the rapidly growing demand for mobile data usage is putting a strain on wireless data networks.  Within five years, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expects mobile data demand to grow from 25 to 50 times current levels, and this is creating what has become known as the impending “spectrum crunch.” In its national broadband plan, the FCC has set the goal of shifting 500 MHz of spectrum to mobile broadband over the next 10 years.  The plan calls for broadcasters, satellite providers and other entities to relinquish portions of their airwave allotments.  Much easier said than done! Just this week the FCC has put forth a proposal to free up TV broadcast frequencies that could then become available for mobile broadband use.  The plan, however, is dependent upon TV broadcasters voluntarily freeing up their spectrum.  If broadcasters, who are being incented by frequency auctions, comply with the proposals wireless data networks may be able to accommodate the ever-increasing demand, at least in the short term. Stay “tuned” for more weekly industry news, brought to you every Thursday by Falcon Tech, your data communication specialists.