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LTE Revenues to Reach $200bn Globally by 2015

In a press release this week, Juniper Research reports that the US & Japan are leading the race for high speed mobile broadband.  LTE (long term evolution) revenues are estimated to exceed $200 billion globally by 2015.  North America, the Far East and China, and Western Europe are expected to account for nearly 90% of all LTE service revenues.   In today’s changing business environment, the adoption of enterprise services through mobile networks is exploding, especially the use of web, email and video streaming.  As the demand for LTE grows, the architecture of the networks will need to adapt and expand as well. Analyst Xavier Ortiz from another group, ABI Research, has this to say about the expansion of LTE, “Although carriers will appreciate LTE’s bandwidth efficiency and users its higher data speeds and lower latency, voice will only start to enter the LTE picture in a meaningful way in 2013 or 2014.  Existing networks still provide voice services with great coverage and reliability. Using LTE for voice will mean completely abandoning the tried-and-true legacy TDM backhaul and replacing it with IP backhaul at considerable cost.” There is a lot of work to be done behind the scenes of today’s rapidly changing network infrastructure.  Contact Falcon Tech today for all of your networking and data communication needs.