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Skype Spike – Record Breaking Day

Just yesterday, Skype, a leading global Internet communications company, reported having 27 million simultaneous users of its VoIP services.  The company’s previous record was 25 million.  Skype has an average of 124 million users per month. Why the sudden spike?  While no one can say for certain, Skype has been aggressively growing its business.  A recent acquisition of software provider Qik, a partnership with Panasonic and Sony, and its newly introduced mobile video calling capabilities, have all certainly contributed to increased awareness and usage of Skype. It is quite likely that Skype will continue to shatter its own usage records. In yet another new partnership, Skype Mobile with Video will soon be available on the Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Network. All new Verizon LTE smartphones will come preloaded with Skype Mobile in 2011. Falcon Tech can help you with all your voice and data communication needs to help you usher in all the change and growth expected in 2011.  Order online today, or call your Falcon Tech Rep at 1-800-989-7009.