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Testing, Testing… 1, 2, 3

Testing a cable neatly coiled up in front of you with both ends of a terminated cable within reach is one thing, but when the ends are separated it’s another matter. In just 3 simple steps you can test terminated cables that begin and end in separate rooms, allowing you to get through your task quickly and easily. The first step is to obtain a LAN Tester, such as the Paladin LAN & A/V Cable-Check or the Paladin LAN ProNavigator™ Tester. These cable testers come with a remote unit allowing you to test the connection of new network cables or troubleshoot a problem in an existing LAN, particularly when the two ends are separated by walls or other obstructions. The second step is to connect one end of the terminated cable into the main hand held testing unit, and the other end of the terminated cable into the remote testing unit. Some units allow you to run in either manual or automatic mode when testing. If you are working alone, select manual mode and move between the units. If you have an install partner have them monitor the remote unit. The third and final step is to return to the main testing unit and run a remote testing sequence. You will see lights on the main unit illuminate. Compare these indicator lights with the corresponding lights on the remote unit. This comparison will identify good connections, opens, shorts or cross-connections. Contact a Falcon Tech rep today at 1-800-989-7009 for all your data communication needs or order online at