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Securing Your Network Cabling

Securing your data network seems to be one of those terms that keeps evolving over time. Years ago there was not much thought given to securing the component side of a typical computer network system. Usually if it was a mission critical network, you made sure the servers and switches were in a lockable cabinet or closet, and that was about it. In modern times and an increasingly paperless world, much more sensitive information is being sent and received over networks. Unfortunately, the evolving level of sophistication of hackers and thieves has also prompted a much higher level of awareness and safeguards than ever considered before. Many steps are being implemented to help deter unauthorized access to computer networks utilizing both software and hardware products. One new item from Platinum Tools, called EZ-DataLock Strain Relief, was recently introduced as a simple, inexpensive way to create another layer of security against tampering, unauthorized access and malicious disconnects of network equipment. Even though the EZ-Data Strain Relief system is not a new concept, it is unique. It can be used with any category 5 or 6 cable allowing you to maintain the same brand of cable throughout your networks and make your own custom cables utilizing this security feature. Click here for product detail: