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HDCCTV Can Make The Most of Your Infrastructure

I was reading product announcements recently when I received some new product introductions on a long time industry standard, CCTV. I had thought CCTV would eventually be phased out due to the newer IP products making headway in the security industry. This new technology is called HDCCTV. It just may extend a long established technology much farther than most people thought. It could be a nice option for those needing to go with High Definition video cameras inexpensively. Why is High Definition important? High Definition cameras are great for viewing details such as a personís face, a license plate or using a single camera to cover a large area. Megapixel and HD cameras are both high resolution solutions where the signals are delivered differently. People watching TV shows such as CSI Miami see a scene where the investigators commandeer a video camera at a parking garage and are able to see all this amazing detail while sitting back at the crime lab. In reality, this is almost always impossible, especially without the use of High Definition equipment. What is HD CCTV?  High Definition Closed Circuit Television is a build on the technology initiated for broadcast television. HDCCTV cameras deliver video using SMTPE 292M format, which is based on the HD TV that broadcast stations decided to use for the consumer market in 2009. It is a point to point system that uses coax cable rather than Ethernet cable (cat5e or cat6). The video feed is sent directly from the camera to the video recorder without the use of encoder packets, compression or an existing network (Local or Internet). The recorder will display video without interruption. HDCCTV is a way to deliver the highest quality visual evidence most economically. How is HDCCTV different from analog? HDCCTV cameras operate at 720P, which provides almost three times the video resolution of an analog CCTV, and they offer 1080P, providing six times the resolution. In addition HDCCTV systems are progressive, eliminating the flicker and blurring that may occur with conventional analog CCTV systems. How is HDCCTV different from Megapixel IP? Megapixel digital cameras deliver high resolution pictures over a networked digital IP infrastructure. The HDCCTV system sends a high resolution digital signal over an analog, coax cable infrastructure. Analog system installations are more familiar in the video security market, and HDCCTV behaves much the same way analog does. Where HDCCTV is a great choice is for customers that need to upgrade their security system to high resolution but do not have the budget to completely re-wire with Cat5/6 cable. In some cases, it may be a wise choice to get the most out of an existing coax infrastructure that was paid for long ago.