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BYOD Environments: 10 Hidden Networking Costs and How to Overcome Them

This is an interesting article courtesy of E-Week: Bring your own device, or BYOD, in the enterprise is the recent trend that shows how far IT has come in understanding and responding to what employees want and need to be productive. Employees coming into the workforce, especially to large enterprises, now are expecting to use new-generation devices, such as tablets or smartphones, at work. If they are not supplied with one, they often opt to use their own. As you can imagine, this can drive IT and security administrators crazy. A well-equipped mobile workforce can accelerate productivity, but because BYOD signals a fundamental shift, costs can definitely add up. According to the Aberdeen research group, enterprises now spend an extra $170,000 a year per 1,000 mobile devices deployed in a BYOD environment. A typical BYOD enterprise model costs 33 percent more than the traditional corporate-wireless model, Aberdeen reported. Most of those costs, of course, entail staff time and software to install and maintain security and networking.  So BYOD is not exactly the cost-saver it appears to be on the surface. Our expert resource for this slide show is Brian Jacobs, a senior product manager with Ipswitch in Lexington, Mass. Ipswitch makes network monitoring software, network management software, file transfer (FTP) software and messaging software.