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Distributed Antenna System - What Is DAS?

(Article courtesy of Superior Essex) Is getting a decent signal in your office a hopeless and futile attempt? Does your Wi-Fi connection make you feel like you're using the 1990s dial-up modem? What are your options? 1.Temper tantrum 2.Disgusted Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn status (when you actually get a connection) 3. Investigate better options Looking for a solution? A Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, is a network of antennas connected to a transport medium, typically a coax or fiber optic cable, that provides wireless service within a geographic area or building. DAS consolidates all wireless traffic, such as cellular, emergency, and Wi-Fi connections into a few centralized locations, while efficiently distributing wireless connections inside of a building where layers of building materials can interfere with signals. DAS is being used to get rid of any “dead zones,” or areas where service is limited or non-existent, by routing radio frequency (RF) signals through fiber or copper cabling from a single base station to multiple antennas. These multiple antennas are located throughout the building. As wireless demands grow, so do our expectations of great service everywhere. Over the next five (5) years, the DAS market is expected to double from new vertical markets such as hospitality, healthcare, university, and high-rise buildings. Distributed Antenna Systems deliver better wireless coverage, so they are becoming the solution for a simplified network with improved performance. For more information please visit our Wireless Page.