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Plenum-rated active optical HDMI cables target long-range digital signage

    Hitachi Cable, Ltd. has unveiled its extended distance active optical HDMI cables, which transmit image signals including as full HD, 3D, and 4K2K through optical fibers for digital signage applications.   The active optical HDMI cable being released has a built-in photoelectric converter in the connector. Hitachi Cable says it developed this small photoelectric converter using the active optical component technologies that the company has accumulated through the development of various optical devices; and has mounted it within the connector to realize the same handling as ordinary HDMI connectors.  Digital signage, in which large format high definition thin displays are used as signboards, has become common in recent years in public and commercial facilities, notes the company. The cables used in digital signage must be compatible with high speed interfaces such as HDMI in order to display high resolution images. Unlike ordinary consumer household metal HDMI cables that have short transmission lengths of 10 meters or less, commercial signage applications require long transmission distances, and in some cases requires UL plenum-rated cable.  Hitachi Cable used optical fiber as the high-speed signal wire in the new active optical cable, realizing up to 100 meters of transmission distance, and achieved a small outer diameter of 5.9 mm by using a correction circuit for the low speed signal wire to prevent signal attenuation. The cable is also plenum-rated and compliant with the fire resistance standard UL444, which is required in the United States for wiring in spaces with a constant air flow due to air handling, such as under floors in data centers, and plenum areas in commercial buildings. These features are expected to reduce the procedures and cost for digital signage installation work.  Sales of the new product will start in June, says Hitachi. More information is available here.