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Communications Cables Produced Offshore Fail Minimum Code Requirements: Fire Safety Risk Remains Incredibly High

For some time I have been reading articles about not trusting the advertised and printed ratings on cables that were produced and shipped from overseas. Usually it is a fake UL rating or the cable not meeting the EIA/TIA spec even though it is printed on the cable.  Here is an article I recently read  from Matt Wheeler at Superior -Essex that I found rather interesting that pertains to meeting the fire rating testing of offshore data cable: The Communications Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA) released an official statement on August 23rd, announcing their test results of six offshore-manufactured cables. Offshore-manufactured cables have been an issue of concern for the communications industry. Since 2008, there have been multiple instances of these cables failing to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for fire safety and electrical performance. The last set of test results proved no different. Five of the six samples failed to meet the minimum requirements for low flame spread and/or smoke generation for installation. Four of the five failing samples had catastrophic results; one cable produced a fire so powerful that the test chamber had to be shut down. These results certainly indicate that unacceptable public safety hazards still exist. To view the entire Press Release from the CCCA, download the PDF below.   CCCA Press Release-Offshore Cable Test Results.pdf (123.55K)