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The importance of buying US made patch cords.

One topic that we get a lot of feedback about is "what difference does it make where my patch cables come from?"  Our industry is subject to the same pressures as most others in that we do what we can to try to be competitive.  Ever since we started in business 22 years ago we have been making most of our own network patch cable assemblies. Now a days it is hard to find much of anything made here in the states. One reason we prefer to build our own patch cables is that, of course, we feel proud to keep people from our community employed. Beyond that we feel we have much greater control over how products are made and the quality of materials used to make our assemblies. At Falcon our goal is to offer top quality products and the best service in the industry. In order to effectively do that it is important that we have control of the quality of components, how they are terminated, inspected and tested. Our goal is to not only make quality products but also to retain customers who have confidence in our years of experience in producing quality products, especially when it comes to mission critical systems.  All of our patch cords (copper & fiber)  are constructed to meet or exceed the standards from EIA/TIA  and are 100% tested. We also give a lifetime warranty against failue due to workmanship or material failure. We have and still do bring in import patch cables for people who want them, but here are a few things we have seen from import products that consumers should be aware of: Products not made from correct materials- We have seen copper patch cords that are not made from 100% copper conductors. You might ask, "What does that matter as long as they work?"  Well, most of the time you may not have an issue, but when non-copper patch cords are used on devices that are powered through the patch cord (POE) things can get interesting. POE, especially the newer, higher powered POE, can create heat and in some cases pre-mature failure with the cable and/or your network.  Most of the non-100% copper patch cords we have seen use various types of copper clad aluminum. In addition to not meeting the standards, aluminum has a tendency to melt when too much power is applied and fail long before a 100% copper cable will fail.  Material quality inconsistencies- Connectors, cable or boots prematurely fail due to wrong compounds being used. Material we use for our assemblies come from well established, mostly domestic companies who have a long history in our industry for consistent quality. We have looked at many overseas companies over the years that have come and gone. Some may be very good, some not so much. The difficulty is picking out the ones that we feel confident are supplying consistent quality components. We always prefer to use well established domestic suppliers.