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Need a better way to upgrade to IP and still use your old coax?

The trend in security cameras is the mgration to IP.  Re-cabling an exsisting install in a building can be challenging. Cables are sometimes run in walls and ceilings that are later drywalled over, making replacement a time consuming and expensive task. Fortunatly there are options that may save you a lot of headaches.  One such product is from KBC. The KBC Extended Ethernet 100 Series is a 10/100 Ethernet line driver providing excellent repeatable performance for today’s CCTV systems. The line driver provides connectivity for one, 10/100Mbps IEEE standard twisted pair copper port over a 75? coaxial cable interface allowing new IP technology to pass over existing legacy cable up to a distance of 3km. The unit has four selectable transmission modes which provide the flexibility to obtain the best connectivity depending on the cable quality or distance required. Maximum data rates of up to 100Mbps are achievable. The series is available in compact format only but units can also be mounted into a 2.4U, 19” rack configuration. If you have some old 75 ohm coax already in the wall or ceiling, this could be a great option!