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Covert Wall Mounted DVR With Built-In Power Supply

I don't know if you get involved with security systems or not but Speco Technologies recently introduced a product that I thought was a really a great solution in solving a couple of issues when installing  a CCTV system.  One problem with some home and small office security system installs is where to hide and mount the DVR and power supplies so they are not only in a secure spot but also being able to end up with a bunch of cables and boxes taking up too much room and just looking plain ugly. For a few years Speco has had their Covert DVR series that combined a low profile DVR in a slim lockable cabinet that could be easily hidden, but you still had to deal with the separate power supply or power supplies. Recently Speco combined all that in the same small box with the DVR. You can get some models with a small slim LCD monitor that is also built in the box. These ideas make it much easier to secure and conceal a security system in residences and small businesses that does not have a dedicated wire closet or data room. Here is the link for more information on this product: Speco Covert DVR