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New locking power cord set works with standard IEC Recepticles

Locking power cords are a handy item to have to help insure you dont loose power from the Connector vibrating loose or someone tripping over a cord and bringing down your server. Locking power cord sets are not new. Most locking sets require a special recepticle to have the locking feature function correctly. Geist now offers cord sets with an integrated locking feature. With IEC C13 to C14 and C19 to C20 options, the cords lock to most powered devices in a data center. Built within the plug housing on the female end (C13/C19) of the cord, the patented integrated locking mechanism is protected against vibration and external elements that can easily dislodge other plug securing solutions like external locking clips and guides.  This self-contained locking mechanism engages with any standard IEC male connector (C14/C20). Note: The cord locking feature is only available at the device-end of the cord sets. A power strip with locking receptacles must be available to secure these cords to the PDU.   Because the locking cord sets are compatible with any IEC power inlet, cords can securely attach to most any device in a data center. The locked cord is easily released by sliding the tab located on the C13/C19 connector. There are no special tools or equipment required. IEC standards allow cord removal forces as low as 1 pound of force. This modest requirement means non-locking plugs could conceivably fall out easily from the weight of their cord alone. The security of locking cord sets is a must for environments with stringent uptime requirements. For more detail, click here