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Is Cash on it's way out?

I was reading an interesting article from a Costco Connection Magazine that I get because of our families membership.  It had an article that suggested that cash as we know it will be less common in a few short years and that in addition to using credit/debit cards an e-wallet system will pick up a lot due to the increasing popularity of smart phones. What do you think? Maybe I am showing my age but I still remember getting my first credit card when I graduated from college and using it only in an emergency or if I was short on cash.  Boy, have those days changed! Now it seems like the other way around. I have cash in case someone doesn't take a credit card of for some emergency situation. Apparently,  in certain parts of the world smart phone use along with apps that let you purchase almost anything are becoming quite common. I have seen some being used here in this country too. I guess thing always change over time, It kind of makes me think how we will function as a society if we for some reason have a wide spread  extended Internet outage.  The future should be an interesting place.