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Top 9 Reasons For the Rise of 10GBASE-T Cabling Systems

10 Gigabit network products have been around several years now. As with most new technology, when it first is introduced it tends to be pricey but as competition increases, manufacturing techniques improve, the cost come down. In addition to price, the amount of new devices that utilize the network is increasing at a staggering rate to where bandwidth requirements have dramatically increased due to such items as IP phones, IP security, as well as wireless traffic from smart phones and pad computers. I have attached an interesting article by Keith Kasanovich, RCDD,CDD,  Leviton Sr. Product Manager, Structured cable systems that illustrates why it makes a lot of sense to give a serious look at going to a 10 Gig solution for your next upgrade. Click here for the article: Let me know what your experience has been with 10 gigabit networks?