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Recommendations for home theater, high-end audio cabling

Recommendations for home theater kind depends on who you talk to. Many mass volume home builders offer wired homes, unfortunately some try to get by as cheaply as possible using inferior grades of connectors and wire that in some cases will either fail prematurely or just not perform adequately for today's high performance systems. Bicsi, the authority on proper cabling installations recommends an minimum of Cat6 for all data in home network installations. recently I read an article in Cabling Installation and Maintenance magazine that had an article about this subject from Belden, who offers one of the most comprehensive varieties of, audio/video cable and connectors in the industry. Belden has put together a suggested guide of wire and cable choices the company feels are particularly suited to home theater and high-end audio installations. "Since Belden makes over five thousand standard products, and in the face of ever-changing technology, it is very difficult, even for the professional, to make correct choices," notes the company, by way of explaining the guide's formation. Keep in mind this is for the high end of this market. View and download the PDF guide here.