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Standards Update: Next Generation Fiber Networks

  Over the years we at Falcon Technologies have seen cabling and connector designs come and go. What seems to be the consistent idea is how can cabling be made to send data faster, improve reliability and use less space. With the latest IEEE spec, that concept is continued in a big way. The following is an article published in Levitons recent newsletter from Gary Bernstein, RCDD, Fiber and Data Center Product Management Director for Leviton,that details the New IEEE802.3ba standard for next generation fiber optic networks: The data center is constantly evolving. As bandwidth demand shows no signs of slowing, the technologies in the data center are rapidly changing to meet those demands. In turn, standards committees are always working to help IT professionals understand requirements for building faster, more reliable networks. Let's take a look at some of the important standards from IEEE and TIA that shape the fiber networks of today and tomorrow. The IEEE 802.3ba standard spells out channel loss and connector loss requirements for multi mode and single-mode fiber using parallel optics. In the multi mode chart below, notice the maximum loss requirements in 802.3ba are lower than previous standards. For example, the maximum channel loss requirements for 40G/100G using OM4 are 1.5 dB, compared to 2.6 dB for 10G. It's important to understand these requirements as you design your network, and factor in how many connections are needed within the channel to make sure you do not exceed the maximum loss budget. Click here for a detail on IEEE802.3ba