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Cisco Rolls Out Wireless Module for 802.11ac WiFi

Wireless networking or WIFI as it referred to is in the middle of it's next big step in performance to 802.11ac. Since we have been selling wireless solutions from back in the 1990's the evolution in terms of speed, performance and security for the price has been astounding to say the least. We have seen the early 80211b wireless at 11MBs and at the time were amazed. With the huge influx of smart phones and pad devices, most public institutions such as schools are really struggling to keep acceptable performance for their wireless users. The recently introduced 802.11ac will bring about a welcome bump in capacity and performance  for congested wireless network.  Click here for the article from e-week detailing Cisco's new roll out.   What has your experiences been with wireless? Do you see many issues in the recent spike in WIFI devices?