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Home networks are rapidly evolving into home entertainment networks.

Being in the Data-Comm networking industry I was somewhat of an early adapter.  I installed a home network infrastructure in my house when I had it built 13 years ago. Back then, about the only thing that was networked was computers and a few printers with an interface card, but those were quite expensive at the time. Well things have changed quite a bit since then. I don't know if you have a home network or not but  Smart TVs, video streaming, online gaming and video chatting and connecting to smart phones and pads are becoming the norm. Most printers used at home now a days not only have a wired network interface but a wireless one too, some can even communicate with your smart phone with a bluetooth interface.  Having a data network is almost a necessity for present day homeowners, all of the network ready devices are creating the demand for not just a bare bones network, but a robust network. Legrand has come out with a well written white paper that addresses a number of network options for modern day home networking. Click here for white paper: What is your experiences with home networked devices? Are you seeing the necessity to have a home network?