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Intelegent L.E.D. lighting systems

As many individuals and business people look for ways to save money one of the big ideas that seems to becoming more practical as prices go down is L.E.D. lighting that would replace existing lighting in your residence or office.  Like many new technologies, they start out quite pricey and sometimes there are a few bugs. As production methods get better and volume picks up, the price goes down.  Currently, I am on the fence. Most CFL bulbs are not using much more energy than L.E.D. bulbs, CFL bulbs have come down a lot in price too but their are drawbacks to CFL's:  You can not dim them very well, they produce some heat, they contain mercury and they are dim when first powered on especially in the cold weather. L.E.D. lights other than the price seem to have many positive advantages such as instant on brightness, dimability, very little heat, long life and no hazzardous waste. One very interesting trend that I have been seeing latelyis the development of the use L.E.D. lighting in conjunction with sensors and other devices to offer an intelegent system through the use software. There are several ways these systems are designed that can use either category 5/6 cable  or an 18/2 cable construction. I think we are in the early stages of what will become a very interesting part of the lighting industry. What do you think on this subject? Click here for the website of Luma Stream Intelligent Lighting Systems