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Landslide sparks copper supply concerns

In our industry, like many other industries, the cost and availability of raw materials can sometimes drastically affect how much we pay for products. Some times even a rumor of a problem can change prices. I don't know if some of you were around during the Plenum FEP material shortages of the late 90's, but prices for Plenum rated cable more than doubled in some cases as well as lead times from the factories stretched out for up to a year. One thing that really made things worse was that once there was a credible confirmation that there iwas a shortage, people, and distributors started to hoard product and actually made it worse. Since then every time I hear of something happening where the supply of raw maretials will be interupted or for some reason there is a big spike in demand, I think back to the "big one" back in the 90's that really hurt the industry for a while. I recently ran across this article that reminded me how some unexpected things that can cause in some cases wild fluctuations in prices. Here is the article: