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New specs for HDMI

When HDMI became commonplace a few years back I loved how it helped simplify what could be a cable nightmare in some audio / video installations using the multiple RCA or BNC connectors. Combining high quality, High definition video along with Dolby sound in one cable was a tremendous breakthrough for your average home owner that wanted something that was hard to screw up. Little did I know how much things would keep advancing in the HDMI world.  I think currently there are about five different  connector variations used to connect everything from a smart phone to the monster TV in the game room. Recently, I attended Info-comm, a technology show for the broadcast and audio / video industry.  I was truely amazed at the variety of HDMI products and some of the higher resolution HDMI versions such as 2x and 4x for the really big displays. Whats your thoughts on HDMI? Is it here to stay or will it be obsolete in a few years? Click here on an article called everything you need to know about HDMI to get the latest news.