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Panduit unveils PanMPO connector for easier 10G to 40G data center transitions

The upcoming connector interface for multi-fiber distribution style assemblies for data centers in recent years is the MTP / MPO design. This connector system can range from 8 conductors to 24 fibers with future densities of up to 72 fibers. The beauty of this system is the density of multiple fibers in a form factor that used to support only two fibers not too many years ago. This connector design is not without its challenges but as time goes by, manufactuers improve and refine the products. I recently read an article with just such a product design refinement in Cabling Instalation and Maintenance  Magazine. This article discusses Panduit's latest inovation in this arena. At this year’s Cisco Live event in Orlando, FL (June 23-27), Panduit will showcase its new PanMPO 12-fiber connector, designed to allow for polarity and gender to be changed in the field, simplifying data center migration from 10 Gigabit Ethernet to 40 Gigabit Ethernet. Click here for the complete article:   Are using MTP /MPO connectors yet? Give us some feedback on your thoughts.