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Finding the Right Connector and Tools for Plenum RG11 Cable

Falcon Technologies has been in the cable and cable making business for 23 years now. One of the most frustrating things we have experienced at Falcon is matching up the right connectors to coax cable. To do it right, you need a sample of the cable and closest match of connectors to do a trial test to make sure everything fits right. There is nothing worse than being out at a work site miles away from the vendor and thing do not fit. You would think there was a standard for OD for cable such as RG6, RG59 and RG11 to name a few, but there does not appear to be. Matching up compression style connectors to the coax cable seems to be the biggest problem. If the cable in not in a certain diameter range, the connector either will not go over the outer jacket or it will be too loose and not grab the outer jacket and fall off.  To add to the difficulty of that issue, larger diameter cable with quad shields and outer jackets made with plenum rated material are very stiff and sometimes will not allow the connector to be inserted far enough to get a proper crimp unless you have a grip like a bench vice. I remember doing a home that I built in RG6 Quad for a whole house video distribution system with compression connectors. By the time I got done, I had several good size blisters trying to get the connectors on far enough. We have been selling ICM connectors a number of years now. They are kind unique in that they offer a number of connectors sized for a variety of Plenum cable.  I recently approached the Factory sales reps about the difficulty issues with the Plenum jacket coax. I was sent a flaring tool for the RG11 that worked like a champ. It still takes a bit of muscle to work with the RG11 but with this tool it drastically reduces the effort in getting good consistent terminations. Click here to see the spec.on this tool: Are you having issues when terminating cable? Drop us a line to share with us your issue or solution you came up with.   -Larry