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Switching to LED lighting for your business and Data Center

 I am sure most of you have seen a lot of articles and interest in going green for you business and your data center. As most of us have realized, the cost of energy seems to be going up a bit every year. There are many new recent innovations  out there being marketed as a way to save energy. As with anything new, some are very good and some either do not deliver as promised or are outright hoaxes. One thing good that government and the electric providers have been doing lately is providing rebates, tax credits and other incentives to install energy saving technology in not only your home but your businesses as well. These incentives are mostly offered for a limited time so they might be worth investigating The most important thing we look at in determining a realistic payback period from changing or installing one of these upgrades. I think there were a few products we looked at that were so expensive that I figured I would be retired before we broke even. Like anything else you have to do your research. Recently I read a new product being introduced from Leviton called Zipline Platinum. This is a retrofit LED product that looks to be able to easily convert your typical florescent  fixtures to LED using their kit. Click here for the product info What do you think of LED lighting? Have you had any experience with upgrading for energy efficiency? Let us know how your project went.   -Larry Donnelly