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A New Idea With Drill Bits

I get new product updates all the time. Many are quite good, for some, not so much.  In our world of high tech products every once in a while an improvement on a simple tool or concept comes along that makes you say “hey, that’s a great Idea!” Well, recently I was sent this new product bulletin on a product called the DTAPKIT by Greenlee. What they did was combine a drill bit with a tap and deburring tool all in one piece. If you ever used a drill and tap set before, it is not too difficult to use. The important thing is you have to match up the correct sized drill bit with the correct sized tap and then you have to get a deburr bit to get rid of any rough edges after your done. If you are like me, sooner or later you loose some of the pieces; usually it is the one that I need to finish the project you are working on.  With this new Greenlee kit, you always have the right size drill bit and tap and it is not only much quicker but there are fewer parts to loose. Click here to learn more about this innovative new product Have you seen a cool tool you would like to mention? Let us know about it.   -Larry