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Managing Your Cables at Your Desk

Over the years there have been many types of cable management devices created to help keep a neat appearance and make it easier to service your office equipment. This type of wire management, if used properly, helps to keep all your cables from becoming a tangled mess. These include cables management devices such as cable ties, Velcro straps and even those twisty bread wrapper type ties which have been used for years. Recently,  Some of the manufactuers we work with have developed a few newer ideas in cable management that might be what you need for your project or office to give it the finished, organized look. The first is a group of products designed for conference rooms and some of the technical furniture that is used in conjunction with big screen monitors and all the pieces needed to do conferencing: Click here for the link: The second group of products is from a company called Techflex. They specialize in mesh sleeving and wrap products. The variety of products from this company is almost overwhelming. Click here for more information: Have you seen similar products that would fit into this catagory?  Send us a link.   Thanks, -Larry