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New version of HDMI Just released

It seems like things in the video world are changing at a rapid clip this year. On my last blog I was talking about the introduction of  HD Base T 2.0's release, not more than a few weeks later the folks on the HDMI committee released their new 2.0 version as well. Very interesting, I think a lot of this has to do with how bigger and bigger screens are pushing the need for a higher resolution picture and the rapid expansion of digital signage. Unless a screen size of 70 inches or more is being used, do we really need higher than 1080P resolution? The features of multi-streaming audio and dual video streams and four times the resolution of 1080P should make for some spectacular experiences once this technology starts to be implemewnted.  Click here for the specifics on the newest standard. Are you deploying or working with A/V? Give us your feedback on what you think.