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Ethernet Switch Options for POE device instalations

POE  (power over Ethernet) since its inception has been a fantastic feature when installing IP enabled devices such as IP telephones, Access Points as well as a number of other devices. Before POE it was often expensive to put in new electrical receptacles in finished work areas and often it was against local electrical codes to place electrical receptacles in plenum air spaces where some wireless devices needed to be placed.  It started out several years back (2003) with the 802.11af POE standard. At about 15.4 watts per port this seemed to work OK until you need more features like PTZ for an IP camera.  Fortunately several newer standards such as 802.11at came out to address the need for more power.  When you do a larger scale deployment with a number of POE devices, one problem that it creates a significant increase of power consumption as compared to non-poe devices. Creative switch manufactures have come up with solutions on how to manage that better than if you just used a bunch of individual power supplies and injectors. One of those is D-Link. The Web Smart Switch from D-link can be set in a number of ways to reduce or turn off ports not being used. It can also be set up to only turn power on during business hours and not sit there running during night time hours when no one is utilizing the network. Pretty cool.  Click here for the link that gives more details of the features of this series of switch.