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Passive Optical Networks for the Enterprize Environment?

PON (Passive Optical Networks) have been around for a number of years primarily used for Fiber to the home and that sort of application. Recently PON networks have become an affordable option for use in larger enterprise networks. The PON style infrastructure provides fiber to the desktop in a point to multipoint architecture using passive optical splitters along with a single strand of fiber to the desktop. This style of network has many obvious benefits over a traditional network by in many cases eliminating workgroup switches and even wire closets to substantially lower network infrastructure costs. In awhite paper article by Loni Le Van-Etter  from 3m, Loni details how this alternative will be showing up more often as government installations, schools, hospitals and many large institutions look for new technology to help lower their networking costs. Click here for the article: What do you think of this type of solution  for low cost fiber deployment? -Larry