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Cold weather can cause cable installation problems

It seems like this time of year one of the questions customers who install cable ask is how cold is too cold to install cabling. When installing structured cable in the winter even in a heated building there are some considerations to be aware of. Installing data cable in cold weather can present a number of challenges including the cable jacket becoming stiff and hard to work with and even the jacket cracking when the temps drop below a certain point. Plenum rated cable is especially susceptible to jacket damage since it tends to be a bit stiffer than PVC jacket. One thing to be especially cautious of is not storing cable in an unheated warehouse or in the back of a truck that is in an unheated space and then installing it the same day. It is strongly advised by most manufacturers to store the cable in a heated environment at least 24 hours in advance of installation. I have attached a handy chart from Superior Essex that outlines both Plenum and Riser rated copper, fiber and coax cable installation temperature ranges. This should be close for most all manufactures of these types of cable but you may want to look at the manufactures specific guidelines to be sure. Click here for temperature guidelines   Have you had issues with cold weather installations? Tell us about it.