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What is OM4+ ? Fiber

One thing about the Data-Comm industry that seems to be consistent over the years is that is always changing. During these times of change to an upgraded specification, companies often try to market themselves by doing a few tweaks over and above the standard to try to differentiate themselves from the herd of competitors. I have seen this happen quite a bit with Cat 5, 5e & Cat 6 cable from various vendors. Typically one vendor offered more megahertz than the specification required or they did something special like bonding the pairs or putting some sort of unique divider separating the pairs. Some of these ideas did help a bit but in many cases they werenít required. The latest tweak Iíve noticed †in with OM4 fiber optic cable. Typically multimode fiber is rated as OM1, OM2,Om3 or OM4. Recently a spec called OM4+ is starting to be promoted by a number of vendors. I talked to one of the fiber cable vendors recently about this and I was told there was not an actual specification for this. It is more of a marketing idea than anything right now but it might have some merit in certain situations. From what I am reading, OM4+ is OM4 that is a little higher grade of purity so it can send a signal a little farther than standard OM4.† I guess if you had some long runs of fiber that exceeded maximum lengths and didnít want to switch to single mode fiber; it might be worth looking at. Click here for the advertisement for the Leviton / Berk-Tek †OM4+ solution they offer.   Give us your thoughts on this subject? Have you had anyone requesting this product?   -Larry