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Need to terminate the new MPO connectors in the field?

Sometimes newer technology can make things easier sometimes it can complicate things. As computer network infrastructures grow more and more is being squeezed into a space designed often many years before current technology was invented. With fiber optic backbone cables that can be both good and bad. The good thing is many more fibers can go in the space where a less dense solution was there previously. The bad is trying to terminate something that has a much more sophisticated design than the original infrastructure that is used to save space. The current trend of  the newer MTP / MPO  high density backbone cables can drastically reduce the space needed compared to older SC/LC connected systems. If you go with per-terminated assemblies, this is a great way to cable the newer 10 gigabit systems.  If you have to pull cable and terminate on site, this connector system can be challenging to say the least. AFL has recently developed an MPO  field termination, fusion spliced solution that will make field termination much easier and when you figure in the cost termination equipment, much more reasonable than a non-fusion splice alternative. Click here for the AFL Fuse connect solution details: