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New Small O.D. Copper Patch Cord for High Density Rack Applications

Over the years technology developments have helped to put much more computer power in smaller spaces. This can be good with products like smart phones where power and features have somewhat obsoleted having a PC. In data center environments, density has also dramatically increased.  With high density switches, high density patch panels and blade type  high density servers standard copper cabling can often end up actually blocking proper air flow and create some space issues in a tight enclosure as well. Quabbin Wire & Cable recently introduced a product especially designed for copper cable density issues. This new product called DataMax Mini-6 patch cable is made to meet all the cat 6 performance requirements but utilizing cable that is 48% smaller in cross sectional area than the typical Cat6 patch cable. Click here for detailed information: Falcon Tech will be offering this cable in pre-made patch cables as well as 1000 ft.  bulk boxes. Give you Falcon rep a call with your requirements.