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Unique Hardware accessories to Solve Installation Problems

Have you ever been in the middle of an upgrade to your wire closet to find that things just donít fit like you envisioned? Maybe something took up a little more space than you had room for, or there were more components needed than originally estimated. All of the sudden you're out of space. You donít want to jury rig mounting items in the hopes that it wonít block airflow or accessibility or eventually come loose. What do you do? In the Datacom industry it seems like there are always a few companies out there that make all the unique little items to help you out in a pinch. One of those companies we go to for some innovative racking†accessories is Middle Atlantic Industries. One of their items that I want to feature today is their Cable Ladder Extender Kit. This comes in real handy when you need to mount wire basket or rack ladder on the rack and there is nothing to anchor it to. Click here for more information: