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New Trends in the Datacom Testing Industry

Earlier this year I went on my annual trek to the BICSI Conference in Orlando Florida. BICSI has always been an interesting show because quite a few vendors that we work with introduce their new products for the coming year. It’s also a great way to gauge trends in the industry. Many times there are new concepts introduced that are in the early stages of being widely adapted, so it’s interesting to see how these ideas get tweaked a bit along the way. One of the trends that is being rolled out by several test equipment manufacturers is the implementation of “cloud” storage for test results. To me this is really a great idea. Fluke Networks is using their version of cloud based software to address several issues common with many of their customers. A big problem that many installation companies have is keeping track of test results and remembering where they are several years later. Having a central depository of test results that can easily be retrieved can be a significant time saver for an installation company with a large staff of technicians. Not only can test results be stored in the cloud, but a number of other features can be performed as well.  These include changing parameters of what is to be tested and even making sure each tester out in the field has the most current version of software. Check out how Fluke networks is utilizing their new “cloud” based software for copper and fiber-optic testing: Click here for Fluke's Linkware Live solution